OPS7243-C Doppler & FMCW Radar Sensor in IP67 Enclosure and RS-232 Interface


OPS7243-C FMCW and Doppler Radar Sensor

The OPS7243-C provides a simple radar sensor solution in an all-weather, IP67 enclosure that can quickly and easily detect and report motion, speed, direction, and range for objects in its field of view.  A simple API enables a flexible solution that can be tailored for different applications.

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OPS7243-C Short Range Radar Sensor

The OPS7243-C is an FMCW and Doppler radar sensor providing motion detection, speed, direction, and range reporting in an all-weather IP67 enclosure.  Motion, speed, direction, and range information is provided over an RS-232 interface (M12 connector).  A simple API provides control over the reporting format, sample rate, and module power levels.  The sensor carries full FCC/IC regulatory approval (pending).


    • 1-60m (3-197′) detection range
    • Speed reporting in excess of 138mph
    • Speed accurate to within 0.5%
    • Direction reporting (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Range reporting with 10% accuracy
    • Narrow 20° beam width (-3 dBm)
    • All-weather IP67 enclosure
    • RS-232 interface
    • Simple API control
    • 5-24V input voltage
    • 1.8W Active power, 0.7W Idle power
    • Small form factor 130 x 130 x 61 mm, 311g


    • Traffic Monitoring
    • IoT Sensor
    • Robot Safety Monitoring
    • Drone Collision Avoidance

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