OPS9243-A Traffic Monitor for Itron Network


OPS9243-A Doppler Radar Sensor

The OPS9243-A provides a complete traffic monitoring solution for the Itron peer-to-peer network.  Monitor vehicle, bike, or people traffic over a wide field of view. The OPS9243-A comes in an all-weather, IP67 enclosure that quickly and easily connects into the Itron network and Streetlight.Vision (SLV), Itron’s world leading smart city central management software (CMS).

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OPS9243-A Traffic Monitor

The OPS9243-A is complete traffic monitor which easily connects into the Itron network.  It detects vehicle, bike, and people traffic while providing traffic counts and speed statistics.  The sensor directly connects into an Itron Network Light Controller, providing traffic data to the peer-to-peer network.  Data may then be visualized in Streetlight.Vision (SLV), Itron’s world leading smart city central management software (CMS) for analysis and further action.  An example application is as a lighting motion detector, providing messages to nearby lights to also turn on or brighten for a pre-programmed period of time before returning to the off or dimmed state.


  • 1-100m (3-328’) detection range
  • Speed reporting in excess of 138mph
  • Speed accurate to within 0.5%
  • Direction reporting (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Narrow 20° beam width (-3 dBm)
  • All-weather IP67 enclosure
  • RS-232 (M12) interface
  • 1.5W Active power, 0.7W Idle power
  • Small form factor 130 x 130 x 61 mm, 311g


  • Traffic Monitoring (People, Bike, Vehicles)
  • Lighting Motion Detection


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