Application Notes

AN-10 API Interface – simple API interface details for configuring and controlling the OPS241, OPS242, and OPS243 as well as system level products OPS7242 and OPS7243 (video).

AN-11 Cosine Error – explains the cosine error related to the reported speed (video).

AN-12 Android Phone Radar Gun – how to enable an Android phone radar speed gun to read data from an OPS241-A, OPS242-A or OPS243-A.  The app is available from the Google Playstore. (video)

AN-13 Code Update – describes procedures for updating OPS241, OPS242, and OPS243 with new code versions (video).

AN-14 UART Interface and Arduino Support – new UART interface described along with how to interface OPS241 to Arduino.

AN-15 Simple Motion Detection Interrupt – new interrupt pin triggers when motion detection detected meeting speed, direction, and magnitude filter settings.

AN-17 Simple Counting Algorithm – explains new simple algorithm to count objects over time in the radar sensor field of view.

AN-18 Low Power Battery Operation – details how to use Hibernate mode, what levels of power consumption can be expected, and how to calculate overall system power.

AN-19 Traffic Monitor Mounting Guidelines – provides guidance on mounting OPS24x radar sensors for traffic monitoring application.  Use the OPS243 Field of View Calculator to determine center point of the field of view.

AN-20 IoT Radar Sensor with WiFi Interface – description of connecting to a WiFi network using the new app.  The app is available from the Google Playstore.

AN-23 Data Capture Synchronization – explains how to link radar data capture with other sensors such as a camera.


Software Support/Tools

Github Projects – Download projects to connect OPS241, OPS242, and OPS243 to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, display data on an LCD, or connect to an Android phone.

USB Driver – Typically the USB driver in Windows, Mac, and Linux computers will automatically connect to the OPS241 and OPS242 radar sensors.  If they do not, this driver may be installed on your computer to make a connection.

ROS Package – Details for the ROS (Robot Operating System) package and support for Kinetic, Lunar, and Melodic releases.

OPS243 Field of View Calculator – input height, down angle, and in road angle to calculate the field of view center point.


University Research Projects

OmniPreSense Speed Radar Implementation on PX4 Environment, Eastern Mediterranean University, September 14, 2021

Smart Homes that Detect Sneeze, Cough, and Face Touching, University of Maryland Baltimore County, December 13, 2020

Have a project using an OPS24x radar sensor you’d like to share?  Let us know about your project and your published results.


Firmware Releases

Contact Customer Service to request the latest code file.


DeviceLatest Code VersionKey Update
OPS241-A/ OPS242-Av1.4.0Serial number, mnfr. date, custom label, peak speed averaging and FFT zero padding added for improved resolution.
OPS243-Av1.1.4Reports memory size in product string, added GPIO output when sampling starts.
OPS241-Bv1.0.5Adjustable chirp configuration, serial number, mnfr. date, custom label
OPS243-Cv1.1.8Adds mode settings, supports speed AND range output filter, reports memory size in product string.