OPS8243-C Material Level Monitor with WiFi Interface


OPS8243-C Material Level Monitor

The OPS8243-C provides a complete material level monitor for detecting the height of liquids and solids.  It may be used for flood monitoring of creeks, rivers, or other large bodies of water.  It can also be used to report the height to solids such as grains, rocks, or the ground such as a drone altimeter.  The OPS8243-C comes in an all-weather, IP67 enclosure with RS-232 and WiFi interfaces.

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OPS8243-C Material Level Monitor

The OPS8243-C provides a simple solution to material level monitoring.  The sensor reports the distance to liquids and solids from a distance up to 50m away.  A smart averaging algorithm helps improve accuracy in reporting and it has a resolution of 4 cm/1.6 in.  Applications include flood monitoring of rivers, creeks, or lakes or as an altimeter for drones.  Alert messages can be set if heights exceeding a low or high level threshold are exceeded.  The sensor has two interface options, RS-232 and WiFi.


  • 1-50m (3-164’) detection range
  • Material level High/Low Alert settings
  • Range resolution of 4 cm/1.6 in.
  • Narrow 20° beam width (-3 dBm)
  • Simple API control
  • All-weather IP67 enclosure
  • WiFi interface
  • Power provided over PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)
  • Low power operation, 2.5W Active (max), 0.7W Idle power
  • Small form factor 130 x 130 x 61 mm (5.12 x 5.12 x 1.38 in.), 311g (11 oz.)


  • Water level flood monitoring
  • Dry good silo measurements

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