OPS7243-A WiFi Interface Radar Sensor in All-weather Enclosure


The OPS7243-A provides a simple radar sensor solution in an all-weather, IP67 enclosure that can quickly and easily detect and report motion, speed, and direction for objects in its field of view.  Remote placement and data collection is made easy by use of a WiFi interface sending data to the cloud for quick and easy visualization.  A simple API enables a flexible solution that can be tailored for different applications.

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OPS7243-A Short Range Radar Sensor

The OPS7243-A is a Doppler radar sensor providing motion detection, speed, and direction in an all-weather IP67 enclosure.  Motion, speed, and direction information is provided over a WiFi interface to and Android and iOS (pending) app.  A simple API provides control over the reporting format, sample rate, and module power levels.  The sensor carries full FCC/IC and CE regulatory approval and comes with a USB cable.


    • 1-100m (3-328′) detection range
    • Speed reporting in excess of 138mph
    • Speed accurate to within 0.5%
    • Direction reporting (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Narrow 20° beam width (-3 dBm)
    • All-weather IP67 enclosure
    • WiFi and USB interface
    • Simple API control
    • 2.0W Active power, 0.9W Idle power
    • Small form factor 130 x 130 x 61 mm, 343g


    • Traffic Monitoring
    • Traffic Counting
    • IoT Sensor


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 3 in

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