OmniPreSense short range radar modules can report motion detection, speed, and direction of objects in the field of view.  Future modules will report range to objects.  Utilize motion detection to turn on a light if a person walks within the field of view of the sensor.  Or capture the speed of a car on a quiet residential street.  Detect the direction of a person if they’re approaching a door.

Many industrial, consumer, and security applications will find the information provided enhances  their overall functionality.  Industrial designs can monitor the traffic at a street crossing, how many people walk past a store front, or any other Internet of Things (IoT) application.  Drones can use the radar sensor to detect objects in front of them to avoid collisions.  Homes and offices can be made more secure by monitoring the perimeter of the building.

The simple API gives you access to all this information in a simple to understand format as well as control over the module.  Change the sampling rate to get more data or increase the accuracy of the measurement.  Adjust the duty cycle to lower the overall power consumption.

Application Notes

AN-10 API Interface – Description of how to connect the OPS241-A to a terminal program and the API commands to control the module operation.

AN-11 Cosine Error – Overview of the measured speed from a radar module and how to adjust for the accurate speed based on the angle to the detected object.

AN-12 Android Phone Radar Gun – Easily turn your Android phone into a radar gun.